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Our Team

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Our caring and committed staff work together as a team with patience, compassion, and a “down to earth” mindset help our patients find relief and healing. We strive to help our patients understand their health issues and how they can actively participate in their own healing process.

Individual Treatment Plans

Compassionate, professional Ear, Nose and Throat treatment provided in a friendly atmosphere.

Committed to Quality Care

At Lubbock Sinus Doctor Adult & Pediatric ENT, we have one goal: to exceed your expectations in providing excellent quality sinus and hearing services.

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Why Choose Lubbock Sinus Doctor?

Our family oriented office has the experience and expertise you need. We are devoted to hands on patient comfort and care. Offering in-office surgical treatment for sinus disease. Our Audiologist will take special care with identifying the most advanced hearing aid technology for any budget. Patient experience is our top priority. We believe that you'll agree that Lubbock Sinus Doctor delivers the highest quality patient care. Let us help you improve your quality of life today!

"Following the procedure, I was able to sleep so much better than prior to the procedure."

Before the procedure, I was having quite a bit of sinus pressure, congestion, drainage. I was having sinus infections maybe three to four times a year. I would typically complete a course of antibiotics, be OK for a few weeks, and then have to go back on the antibiotics again. This is something that I have been dealing with most of my life, and it seemed like there was really no end to it. I decided to have the balloon dilation because I developed another sinus infection, and I just finally thought, "enough." I returned to normal activities in less than 24 hours after the procedure. Following the procedure, I was able to sleep so much better than prior to the procedure. I remember waking up with a refreshed feeling and feeling like I actually had energy.

- Cynthia, lifetime sinus sufferer
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