Audiology Services for Hearing Loss Patients

A personal touch is what sets Lubbock Sinus Doctor Adult & Pediatric ENT apart from the rest.

If someone close to you has experienced hearing loss, they may be frustrated or feel isolated. You don’t have to miss out on important family occasions or change the way you live your life because of hearing loss.

There are many different types of hearing loss. When hearing loss sufferers are proactive in finding treatment, it can help a condition from worsening and offer relief from symptoms. When you find an audiologist that listens to your frustrations, it can be life changing. Lubbock Sinus Doctor is proud to have made an impact in all of our patients’ lives.

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Lubbock Sinus Center is proud to offer the following audiology services:

  • Hearing aid consultation: We can help you discover the perfect fit for your needs. We will introduce you to all of the different hearing aids that may help ease your symptoms while being discrete and natural.

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  • Hearing loss evaluation and treatment: If you or a loved one think that you are experiencing hearing loss, Lubbock Sinus Doctor can evaluate the reason for your symptoms. Our audiology services can offer you a greater understanding of your situation.

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  • Hearing testing: To determine the severity, type, condition, and causes of sudden hearing loss, the appropriate audiology services must be administered. Services such as audiology tests and examinations must be given before major decisions are made regarding treatment.

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Think you may be suffering from hearing loss?

48 million Americans suffer from some degree of hearing loss.

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Discover Modern Hearing Loss Solutions

Speak with a compassionate ear doctor specialist at Lubbock Sinus Doctor- Adult & Pediatric ENT about our audiology services. Our team of highly-trained specialists will answer all of your questions in a relaxed environment. Nothing gives us greater satisfaction than helping patients of all ages hear again. Don’t let hearing loss reduce your quality of life, our audiology services can offer relief.

Rediscover the World with Today's Hearing Aids

At Lubbock Sinus Doctor, our audiology services include modern hearing aids that offer automatic features, including speech enhancement and feedback reduction, in addition to background noise reduction.

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The Perfect Fit to Match YOUR Lifestyle

Modern hearing aid technology allows us to fit you with hearing aids that fit your hearing loss needs and lifestyle. This technology allows for sleeker, smaller devices. We work with you to develop life strategies that help you get the most out of your new hearing aids.  And best of all, we work to match your needs with your budget. Schedule your appointment to learn more about the audiology services we offer.

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