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COVID-19 Policy

How We are Keeping Our Patients Safe

We are proud to have received the “Lubbock Safe” designation by our community leaders. We care about your safety. See below for the measures that are being done to keep us all safe.

Our Policy

  • We are following the CDC Covid-19 guideline that fully vaccinated people do not need to wear masks or socially distance. If you are fully vaccinated, it is your option to wear one or not, unless you have a cough or fever.
  • If you do not have a fever or cough, you are welcome to wait in our lobby, or feel free to check in and then wait in your car.
  • We still disinfect every room between each patient.
  • We require patients to wear a mask if they have a cough or a fever and those patients wait in their car until we are ready to see them. Even fully vaccinated patients need to do this to reduce the risk of other contagious illnesses.
  • Our exam rooms use UV light technology and HEPA air filters to clean the air.
  • Our staff follows recommended hygiene practices and do daily temperature checks and if we may be sick, we don't come to the office.
  • Our procedure room uses hospital grade negative pressure air filtration that cleans the air every two minutes. This removes microbes from the air like bacteria or Covid-19 to keep us all safe.
  • If you prefer for your provider and staff to wear a mask during your care, please notify us and we will do so.

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Excellent ENT physician! [Dr. Potocki] is smart and caring. He explains things well. I highly recommend him without reservations.

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