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We are proud to have received the “Lubbock Safe” designation by our community leaders. We care about your safety. The following measures are being done to keep us all safe:

  • You must wear a mask or keep your face covered with a bandana while you’re in our office. Please bring your own, even if it is homemade.
  • We ask patients to check in and then wait in their cars until we are ready to see them. Visitors are limited to those accompanying minors.
  • All of our staff wear masks, follow hygiene guidelines, and have daily temperature screens. If we might be sick, we don’t come to the office.
  • We disinfect each exam room between every patient.
  • We have all of our patients keep their nose and mouth covered except during their exam by the doctor.
  • We screen every patient by phone the day before their visit and again at check-in for known COVID-19 exposure, cough or fever within 72 hours of appointment. If you have known recent COVID-19 exposure, cough, or fever within 72 hours, we will work with you to reschedule your appointment.
  • We have installed a Hospital Grade negative pressure air filtration system in our sinus procedure room. This device completely cleans the air in the room every two minutes. Class A Operating Room standards are for the air to be cleaned and exchanged 15 times per hour. We are doing it more than 30 times per hour. This removes microbes like COVID-19 or bacteria from the air to keep us all safe.
  • We test all patients for COVID-19 prior to a sinus procedure. Only patients that test negative can get their procedure. These tests cost $100.
  • All exam rooms use UV light technology and HEPA air filters to clean the air.

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It's important to pay attention to your body's sinus pain signals. If you suffer from a stuffy nose, an aching head, bad breath, and you just cannot stop coughing, it may be time to be evaluated by an ENT for serious sinus infection. Discover if your symptoms are from a bad seasonal cold or from chronic sinus infections.

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Sinus sufferers: real, lasting relief is within reach! Call the Lubbock Sinus Doctor Adult & Pediatric ENT team now to schedule your consultation with one of our friendly, knowledgeable adult or pediatric sinus care and audiology specialists.

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"I could tell a huge difference in the way that I felt."

I had been having sinus infections for months at time, and even antibiotics and steroids wouldn't knock it out, and I was just very uncomfortable. When we talked to Dr. Potocki, he really took that into account, and he knew that it was really important to me to do something that was safe and healthy for my vocal cords and not to damage anything in my sinuses. The procedure lasted about an hour or so, and I really wasn't that uncomfortable at all and was awake for the whole thing, and everything went very smoothly. As soon as I was finished and at home after the procedure I could tell a huge difference in the way that I felt...

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